Both have GPS receiver, both works really well on the Storm Racing Drone.

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  • 280mm size (motor to motor)
  • Carbon Fiber airframe with 4mm replaceable arms
  • Powerful EMAX MT2204-2300kv Motors and 6045 Propellers for quick acceleration and sharp cornering
  • Storm tuned BetaFlight parameters and Three flight modes
  • Storm FX799T 200mw video transmitter support Raceband FPV channels
  • Adjustable tilt angle 90° camera and Video Transmitter, ZERO delay and good quality video in the forest
  • Installed with OSD module, it overlays Battery Voltage and Battery Current on the video screen
  • "Bumpers" on the end of the arms protect the motors in a crash
  • Built-in remote triggering buzzer for lost-n-found
  • Built-in low battery warning buzzer

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