Wireless LED Bluetooth 3.0 Stereo Lamp

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Main Features:
• Compact appearance same as an ordinary light bulb
• Functionally integrated the Bluetooth enabled speaker and LED light
• Easy to operate, automatically pair with your device
• Rechargeable function, super-long standby
• Soft silicon adjustable shade, three mode
• RGB LED light as colorful as you can image
• High grade Bluetooth speaker, crisp and clear sound quality 
• Super compatibility: Support Bluetooth audio devices above 3.0, smartphone / tablet PC / notebook computer / all-in-one PC / desktop 
• Wireless Control: Open the smart devices Bluetooth search and connect, can play music  
• Energy-saving Mode: More energy-saving than ordinary light bulb 
• Applications: Very good to use in bedroom, home, bars, cafes, restaurants, wedding, party, etc

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