Apple: Our iPhone battery case gives you 25 hours of talk time جراب شاحن للايفون ٦ اس يمكنك التحدث ل ٢٥ ساعه

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The case costs $99 in the US, £79 in the UK and AU$165 in Australia. Apple said the battery boost is enough to increase talk time to 25 hours, video playback to 20 hours and Internet use on modern high-speed 4G LTE networks to 18 hours. Third-party case manufacturers such as Mophie have long produced battery packs for the iPhone, but this is the first time Apple has gotten into the game. Smartphone engineers work hard to create the thin, sculpted designs prized by consumers. Those same consumers, though, wary of cracked screens and other damage, often wrap their high-tech investments in rubbery or boxy cases, even if it means spoiling a phone's stylish looks. Then there are the external chargers that dangle from a cord and take up that much more space in a pocket or a backpack.


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