Samsung Note 5 detailed Exposure official denied the July release

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IDG recently there are rumors that the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will probably not play by the rules, unlike before, wait until the end of the year was released, but that is July launch this new product in two months later. But according to Korean site WhoWired reported that Samsung Electronics president Shin cases are (Shin Jong-kyun) has denied the July release of Galaxy Note 5 rumors.WhoWired also informed that some newspapers reported that Samsung has disclosed the configuration of this new product will be officially released before the start accepting reservation form. In addition to clarify the rumors addition, Shen cases were also noted reports of lower expected sales targets Galaxy S6 belong false reports. He reportedly added that, Galaxy S6 will be a strong contender on the smartphone market.


It is said that the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 will be equipped with 4100mAh battery, 4.7 million pixel front camera and 4GB RAM.

According ValueWalk reports, the new Super AMOLED phone might configure a 2K or 4K flat screen, but it also said that Samsung may also switch to OLED display.

ValueWalk explained: "The latter is unlikely, because the Galaxy Note series of Super AMOLED technology has been well received."

The report also said, Note 5 is likely to be equipped with 4K resolution display, since Samsung smartphones in the past has used this technology.

According KnowYourMobile reported that the price of Galaxy Note 5 when the market may be slightly higher than the previous product, because its configuration upgrade.Analysts expect it could fetch $ 1,000. But anyway, this product is expected after the market, the price of a few months it will definitely come down.

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