Nokia to acquire a US telecom service providers

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IDG May 27, Nokia's network infrastructure sector, Nokia (Nokia Networks) today with the United States, a self-organizing network company Eden Rock Communications signed a purchase agreement. The purpose of the acquisition of Nokia is to expand its telecommunications network equipment business, as an ad hoc network is "one of the fastest growing mobile broadband industry areas."


Nokia did not disclose financial details of the acquisition, but said the deal will be completed in the third quarter of this year.

Nokia said in a statement, Eden Rock's self-organizing network solutions Nokia network self-organizing network technology "highly complementary."

Peter Patomella network vice president of Nokia, said:. "After such a complementary advantages, we will be able to effectively address a key point that we could not a good solution - automatic optimization of heterogeneous multi-vendor network environments both companies After the product together as one, we will soon offer attractive solutions in this regard, we will provide first-class customer experience. "

As part of the acquisition process, Eden Rock will spin out a company focused on spectrum sharing programs, technology and patents of the new company. (Yifei)

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