Iphone 7 Edge صور وفيديو ايفون ٧ ايدج المنتظر صور ايفون 7

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7 Edge iPhone is a concept that reduces bezels and bend and adds functionality to the edges of the screen as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. IPhone 6 Plus is a 5.5-inch giant cell and for many it is not pleasant to use because of its size. A new concept wants the iPhone 7 wants to cut bevels using features of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge . The concept of the iPhone 7 Edge is a creation of designer Hasan Kaymak reducing bezels and gives you a curve to the edges of the screen. As the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Edge iPhone 7 incorporates various additional features through the edges of the screen. Hasan also includes a new simplified button volume, mute switch changed and increased the size of the speaker. The design of the iPhone in July metal Edge uses dual tone and color to provide a solid, modern and stylish device. Although the iPhone 7 Edge is just a concept , it has some very attractive features that many people could enjoy. صور ايفون 7


صور ايفون 7

7 Edge iPhone [Video]

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