galaxy s6

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سيظهر الهاتف بغطاء من المعدن الفاخر بديلا عن البلاستيك و الذي كان يستخدم سابقا مما سيعطي لجوال ” اس 6 ” مظهر افضل و طريقة اقوى للحماية . سيتوافر بشاشتين منحنيتين من جانبي الجوال ذلك بخلاف الشاشة الرئيسية له و هي تشبه الى حد كبير الجوال جلاكسى نوت ايدج


1. RAM : would exceed 4GB as of now the Note 3 has 3 GB itself
2. Processor: It would be around or more than 3 GHz.
4. Camera : would  more or less remain the same , irrespective of the fact it can also be an ultrapixel camera.
5. Storage would be around 64 GB  internal itself as well as would have the capability of extending till 128GB
6. Operating System would definitely be Android Based . Tizen Operating system will come in different phones .
7. Battery would also be  more or less remain the same.

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