cheapest iphone 6 plans att 2014

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If you are thinking about upgrading your iPhone and you have AT&T, there are some good deals and there are some not so good deals out there. Let's take a look at AT&T's prices and plans offered for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

If you are eligible for a standard upgrade, meaning you will be signing a new 2-year contract with AT&T, you will get the best price. That means if you want the 16 GB model of the iPhone 6, you will pay $199. For the iPhone 6 Plus, your price will start at $299.

AT&T will try to get customers to join their AT&T Next plans, but it comes with a catch. First of all, you are renting the phone basically. Next, you are paying anywhere from $32.50 to $47.50 per month (in addition to your wireless bill) for the right to rent this phone. AT&T wants you to think you are getting a great deal on the phone but instead of getting it for $199 or $299 in cash, you are paying a monthly fee on the phone based upon it's FULL retail price. That means that instead of paying $199 once, you will pay $32.50 12 or 18 times, depending on the Next plan you choose. That $199 phone turned into a $390 or $585 phone. Finally, at the end of your Next plan with AT&T, you have to turn that phone back into them or buy it out at the full price. They hope that you turn it back in and upgrade to the next iPhone (either the 6s or the 7).

So, now that Next is out of the way and you have picked out the model, color and size that is right for you, it's time to pick your data plan. If you are one of those customers who is lucky enough to have unlimited data from the old days, stick with it, AT&T does not offer this anymore and they almost certainly will not offer it in the future.

cheapest iphone 6 plans att 2014

which carrier should you choose? The good news is that they’re fighting hard for your dollars.

To entice customers to switch carriers, Sprint has introduced a new iPhone for Life plan that offers the iPhone 6 (16GB) for $20 a month over 24 months and a new iPhone every two years. How does that stack up against the plans offered by AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile? We do the math for you to see which carrier offers the best iPhone 6 plans. (For the sake of this comparison, we’ve left out the iPhone 6 Plus.)

Carriers Compared: Individual Line with ~3GB of total data* unlimited talk/text

Device cost
(upfront with two-year plan)
$199.99 ($0 with trade-in)
$199.99 ($0 with trade-in)
$199.99 ($0 with trade-in)
Device monthly cost
(early-upgrade or installment plan)
$27.09 x 24 (Next 18)
$32.50 x 20 (Next 12)
$20 x 24 (iPhone for Life+)
$27 x 24 (Easy Pay)
$27.08 x 24
 $32.49 x 20
Monthly line fee
(2-3GB data)
$65 (2GB)
$50 (unlimited^)
$65 (2GB on two-year plan)
$45 (2GB; Simple Starter)
$60 (3GB; Simple Choice)
$60 (2GB)
$50 (2GB on Edge)
$90 (2GBMoreEverything)
$80 (MoreEv on Edge)
Total monthly fee
(two-year plan)
$80 (2GB)
$65 (2GB)
$72.08 (Starter)
$87.08 (Choice)
$90 (MoreEverything)
Total monthly fee#
$92.09 (18mth)
$97.50 (12mth)
$70 (i4Life)
$77 (Easy Pay)
$82.08## (Starter)
$97.08## (Choice)
$82.49 (on Edge)
$112.49 (MoreEv)
Cost over two years
(two-year plan)
$2,360 (More Ev)
Cost over two years
$2,210 (both options)
$1,680 (i4Life)
$1,850 (Easy Pay)
$1,970 (Easy Pay with early-upgrade)
$1,730 (Starter. $1,970 with JUMP)
$2,090 (Choice. $2,330 with JUMP)
 $1,850 (on Edge)
$2,570 (More Ev on Edge)

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