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Sina Mobile News February 13 morning news, prototype iPhone 6 suspected multiple pictures on Twitter today outflows seen in Figure thinner compared to iPhone 5s aircraft fuselage and design similar to iPod touch or iPad mini, using integral back and frame design, as well as larger screen sizes are not currently determine the authenticity of these pictures. 

Previously broke the news accurately and iPhone 5c iPhone 5s Australia Zaibao Mengliao of Sonny Dickson, released a set of images of suspected iPhone 6 prototype components, and that these photographs is to get someone from the hands of Chinese stakeholders. 

As the entire group of photos is not clear, it is difficult to determine its authenticity, which is currently not conclude iPhone 6 prototype, and even that they are fundamentally a set of renderings is not impossible. 

Figure photos can be seen in full 6 iPhone overall, somewhat similar in the sale of iPod touch, the whole thickness decreased sharply, back and around the border as a unified whole, using the lower curved edge design. The entire back of the metal material, but did not find the antenna around the breakpoint. 

The prototype width of about 2.6 inches, which is 66 mm, and the current iPhone 5s is 58 mm, so that the figure of the iPhone 6 screen size is definitely more than 4 inches. At present, most sources pointed out, iPhone 6 will have two sizes, small size to determine the basic version is 4.7 inches, the large size version is between 5.5 to 5.7 inches, and the screen is likely to adopt ultra-narrow border design. 

Earlier reports said today, iPhone 6 will use more advanced LED flash technology to make iPhone 6 thinner and lighter compared to iPhone 5s. 

In addition, iPhone 6 or sapphire glass, not only thinner and more resistant, Apple's stunning new production plant in Arizona, is expected to produce sapphire glass available for one year from 80 million to 100 million iPhone use. (Qi Xin)

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