Sony Xperia Z3 Dual SIM

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قريبا ستقوم شركة سونى بطرح هاتفها Xperia Z3 فى معرض برلين القادم IFA 2014 وياتى الهاتف بشاشة 5.2 إنش بوضوح full HD ومعالج Snapdragon 805 بتردد 2.5 GHz مع 3 GB من الذاكرة العشوائية اما الكاميرا الخلفية ستبقى على نفس الوضع 20 MP ولكن ربما ترتفع دقة الكاميرا الامامية إلى اكثر من 2 MP نظام التشغيل Android 5.0


The Sony Xperia Z3 Dual SIM is exactly what you need to make an impression. 
It has a cool design and is available in a smart black color. It has a powerful

20.7MP camera that comes with built in autofocus as well as 8x zoom. It has 

an ISO of 12800 (maximum) that makes for clear, sharp and vibrant images. It 
has 2.2MP camera in the front of the phone which aids in clear video chats. 

The primary camera records videos in 4K resolution, which means your footage 
will have all the details right down to the last minor moves. If you thought it 

couldn’t get any cooler than this, you would be wrong. The Sony Xperia Z3 

Dual SIM is completely waterproof so you can carry it with you while 

swimmi00ng too. Where performance is concerned, you will only get the best 

and fastest! Internet browsing, multitasking and UI navigation will be blazing 

fast; in fact, twice as fast as normal smartphones. It has a 16GB internal 

storage, of which 4GB is accommodated by the operating system and the 

remaining 12GB is for all your apps, videos, movies, games, etc. It also 

features an expandable memory of up to 128GB.

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