Motorola Moto 360 watch

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موتو 360 يحتوي على شاشة مستديرة، غلاف معدني، ومراقبة مثل الجذعية على الجانب، وربما أكثر من لون واحد، والخيار، وربما حتى أنماط محفورا. حيث يمكن أن يكون G ووتش LG جهاز معد للعملاء السائدة، موتورولا موتو 360 قد يكون أكثر من قطعة الفاخرة. سيتعين علينا الانتظار حتى تظهر تفاصيل الأجهزة للتأكد.


Moto 360 further draws circles around its competition with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the LCD brightness. It's especially convenient when you need a bright screen in sunny conditions or want to reduce battery life consumption in dark environments without having to manually adjust the setting. Walking and fiddling with a tiny touchscreen you can't even see outside is a wearables world problem that Moto 360 solves.Pebble has this bonus feature sans a color-rich screen, while the colorful Galaxy Gear and G Watch do not.

This does mean that the Moto 360 LCD isn't a full circle. Its ambient light sensor and display drivers are housed inside a blank horizon line that sits at the bottom of the watch face. While the black bar doesn't ruin the analog watch experience, the screen is cut off and it has allowed the LG G Watch R to tout itself as the first "full circle" Android Wear smartwatch. LG is hiding the components inside the outer bezel, masked with second-hand tick marks, while Motorola chose to extend the screen pixels to the edge. It's really a matter of preference.

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