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    Tuesday, March 4, 2014

    Sony announced that it would sell its PC

    Sony announced that it would sell its PC business , and announced a series of initiatives to reduce costs for its television business. Allegedly "Sony will focus on the future development of mobile product line phone and tablet business ."
    As has included television across , PC, mobile phones, gaming terminals, tablet PCs and other types of terminals consumer giant , Sony 's own drastic adjustment , which reflects the general trend ? Future trends in television , computer, mobile phone, tablet , game consoles these five terminals , how will it ?
    Deloitte Consulting in mid- January announced a global TMT Trends 2014 report, which specifically on the future development of the five terminals predicted , as shown below .

    1. PC markets accelerated atrophy. You can see that global PC sales in 2006 to 2012 has been maintained at 210 billion to 240 billion U.S. dollars in rangebound , 2013 this figure fell 12 percent , dropping to below $ 200 billion . 2014 , PC sales continue to decline more than 4 %. Considering the PC prices have also continued to decline , PC sales decline will accelerate in the future .
    A shark Comments: on the one hand , the global PC market is shrinking ; on the other hand , PC market is accelerating the concentration and monopoly direction. This makes the former relying on design , marketing, Sony , known for useless , exit the PC industry can be described as wise and upset.
    2 TV growth difficult. Deloitte Consulting predicts that in the next few years, although there are many new technologies appear, but essentially flat TV sales , a slight growth in some years , but fell slightly in some years .
    A shark Comments: From this perspective , Sony considering splitting TV business in line with the development trend of the television industry . The younger generation is embracing network , away from the TV, though the name of the living room entertainment Smart TV banner , but not the latter, but rather an occasion to heat up box for TV makers did not benefit much .
    3 game terminal is small . Inside this report refers to a new generation of game consoles, such as Sony 's Playstation4 and Microsoft xbox one. This is a relatively small market in general , was about $ 10 billion a year .
    A shark Review : Sony 's Playstation4 good performance , Microsoft's xbox one also sold well , although this market is relatively small, but live well . This is why Amazon has recently acquired a game company plans to enter this one reason.
    4 smartphone growth peaked. Deloitte Consulting predicts that in 2014 the global smartphone market will grow 12% year on year in 2013 , reaching $ 375 billion . But with the feature phone users replace smartphones basically completed , and the length of time that people switch , the smart phone market began to peak , even in 2018 , this market is nothing but to $ 430 billion , compared to 2014 was up 15% .
    A shark Review : Sony will bet on smart phones, miscalculated . The smart phone market has peaked , and is becoming more and more like the PC industry , Lenovo 's acquisition of Motorola will accelerate the industry reshuffle , Sony is not Chinese enterprises opponent.
    5 tablet stagnant growth . Deloitte Consulting predicts that in 2014 the global tablet market will be $ 100 billion scale . But the price is falling , even in 2018 , the market size at $ 100 billion also fluctuate .
    A shark Comments : Again , Sony has bet on the wrong , the future of the Tablet PC is not optimistic.
    Nammyeong a shark ( micro-channel public number : southsharker)
    ( Disclaimer: This article represents only the views of the author , does not mean that Sina position. )

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