Samsung Chromebook 2全身照:又是仿皮革

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Following yesterday's tip of the iceberg, broke the Great God @ evleaks today brings a new Chromebook laptop body photos. Consistent with previous revelations, Samsung Chromebook is indeed a new generation has adopted and Note 3 similar imitation leather back shell. 
Great God, said the notebook called Chromebook 2, the notebook slim, black imitation leather on the back shell can also be seen clearly Google Chrome Logo. 
It is unclear Chromebook specific configuration 2, but I believe it should be based on its predecessor, the transformation of the Chromebook, which uses a 11.6-inch screen and Exynos processor. 
Following the Galaxy series phones, after the Galaxy Tab Series Tablet, Samsung's imitation leather "Wind" is finally blown Chromebook notebook product line. Who will the next one be?

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