new smartphone case uses ultrasound

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The Optical Scan Stand triggers the phone’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) features to recognise and read aloud text placed in front of the phone. This is ideal for users who are alone and are in need of assistance. Voice Labels, meanwhile, let visually impaired users make voice notes or record short explanations on how to use different devices around the home. Last but not least, the Ultrasonic Cover (pictured above) is a specialised case that uses sound waves to detect people and objects. This is done within a two-meter radius, and by sending vibrations or spoken alerts, it helps users navigate new surroundings. The more affordable Samsung Galaxy Core Advance features physical buttons on the front and a dedicated camera and voice recorder buttons on the side, making it easier for users who don’t want to rely completely on on-screen controls. What's more it's another way of Samsung showing that it is extending the Galaxy experience to everyone. The Core Advance has a large 4.7-inch display and includes a variety of different features, including S Voice, S Translator, Sound & Shot, Group Play, and Easy Mode.


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